Karen Demmery

Strategic Transformation & Wellbeing Specialist

Karen Demmery, the inspiration and driving force behind the creation of Burbirra, is a passionate and enthusiastic leader dedicated to transforming lives with over a decade of experience in training, facilitation, coaching, and counseling. Her postgraduate qualifications in Trauma and Recovery, Health and Healing, and a Masters in Indigenous Health, coupled with her recently completed Ph.D. from the University of Canberra, showcase her innate dedication to studying and teaching the tools that create true life fulfillment.

Burbirra is an accelerator for all things transformative – from impactful training and strategic consultancy to guiding the development of your Reconciliation Action Plan and facilitating meaningful community consultation. With a wealth of expertise and a deep commitment to positive change, Burbirra empowers individuals and organizations to foster meaningful growth, establish genuine connections, and drive impactful transformation.

Through the resources available by Burbirra Academy, the digital academy she has designed to support her mission, Karen's genuine care for the wellbeing of people shines through, ensuring everyone has the best possible chance to live their best life. Burbirra Academy offers resources and strategies that are a perfect blend of her lived experiences and academic knowledge, delivering high-level, informative, and life-altering results.

A core facet of what makes Burbirra Academy so impactful is The RISE Society. This membership was created to provide transformation seekers with the tools and resources they need for both personal and professional fulfillment. Offering exclusive access to a variety of resources, including self-care techniques and leadership strategies, the goal of The RISE Society is to help our members enhance their overall well-being and achieve success in all aspects of life.